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First of all,

Welcome everyone to HealthyPlantBasedLifestyle.com! I’m so happy that you have found us and hope that you find the site helpful and informative along your journey to healthy, plant based living.

A Little About Me

My name is Rick Fowler, as an RN with specialties in Cardiac, Critical Care and General Surgery I have seen firsthand the ravages that poor health can take on the human body. As I have gotten older, I have come to recognize that western medicine tends to focus more on treating the symptoms of disease rather that the underlying cause. I’m sure you can all relate to the seemingly endless parade of pharmaceutical ads on TV. There seems to be a pill or potion for nearly anything you can think of… and some things you didn’t know existed.

I would really like to make it to retirement in the best of health but sadly, I believe that the Standard American Diet is failing us miserably. We are constantly bombarded by ads on TV, radio and the internet for high fat, high salt and high sugar fast foods. Portion sizes at restaurants are enormous. So much so that we’ve come to think of them as normal and then (over time) begin to eat larger portions at home.

I’ve personally struggled with weight gain, low energy and no stamina at several points in my life. I currently have mild hypertension (high blood pressure) and take a low dose of prescription medication daily. This is definitely NOT the direction I want to go in moving forward. I know too well what getting older can look like if you don’t make positive changes while you can. But, it’s never too late to change!

The Impetus for Change

There’s an old saying that says “If you want something to change, then change something.” Most of us never make major lifestyle changes until something happens that jolts us out of our complacency. I witnessed this several times working in Cardiac nursing. Someone would come to us following a heart attack and a stay in critical care and suddenly wanted to know everything possible about healthy living. They would go home, quit smoking, start going to gym and start eating a healthy low fat diet. Pretty soon they would look like a fitness model. We refer to this euphemistically as a “Come to Jesus moment.

Unfortunately for some of us, we either never have that moment or it’s fatal. Roughly 10% of first heart attacks end in death. What I’ve learned is that you must reach the point of true anger with yourself and your situation before you will decide to make a major lifestyle change. In some cases fear can also be a motivating factor.

As for myself, I watched the documentary “Forks Over Knives” on Netflix. I highly recommend it as a place to start or for inspiration to make your own changes.

Our Goals

Here at HealthyPlantBasedLifestyle.com our goal is to be a valued resource for the latest news, reviews and plant based product information. Whether you are just starting out or have been on this journey for some time, we want to be a resource you can trust as we move together towards a Healthy Plant Based Lifestyle.

Obviously, we are just getting started here but, please check back with us often for news and insight into healthful living. If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Rick Fowler,


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