Vegan vs Vegetarian – The Difference is in The Details

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Vegetarians and people who practice veganism do not consume meat and dairy products as a general rule. Veganism however, is far stricter than vegetarianism which means understanding the differences and similarities if you’re considering a vegan or vegetarian diet. Below, we’ll examine the differences between the two styles of eating, the benefits of each, as … Read more

Top 3 Mixed Vegetable Casseroles

Creating a delicious mixed vegetable casserole that everyone loves can be tricky, especially when you’re looking for a fulfilling, healthy vegan or plant-based option. Yet, there is nothing better than a casserole for a complete meal solution when you’re busy. Many times, ingredients can be prepared ahead of time, meaning less time spent in the … Read more

Easy Vegan Dinners – In 30 Minutes or Less

vegan dinners

You know those days when your day ran late, got stuck in traffic and really just don’t feel like cooking? Me too! Unfortunately, I have those days all too often and must fight the urge to hit the drive through or call DoorDash. Seriously, even Panera isn’t always the healthiest option although I’ll go there … Read more

Vegan Supplements – Recommendations for Good Health

Which Supplements Should Vegans be Taking? It’s no surprise to most of us that switching to a vegan or plant based diet has incredible health benefits. We’re not only avoiding many of the health risks that come from eating meat, we’re also generally going to be consuming a lot less processed food than someone who … Read more

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